class autoreplit.client.CachedRequest(fut: Future, json: Dict[str, Any])#

Bases: object

A cached request for better preformance.

fut: Future#
json: Dict[str, Any]#
class autoreplit.client.ReplitClient(sid: str | None = None)#

Bases: object

The replit client object. This class is the centerpiece or the library, almost all of the functions are of this class. This should be the only object you need to import.


sid – The replit account’s secure ID, kind of like a token. Required for most actions but not all.

async close() None#

Close the client, needs to be run after everything is done.


Never use with

getCurrentUser() SimpleUser#

Get the current user. Returns a SimpleUser

getNotifications(count: int = 10, seen: bool = False) List[CommonNotif | UnidentifiedNotif]#

Get count amount of notifications for the current user.

async getReplById(id: str) Repl#
async getReplByUrl(url: str) Repl#
async getUserByName(name: str) User#

Get a user by name. Returns an user object.

async rawQuery(queryname: str, query: str, vars: Dict[str, Any] = {}) QueryResult#

Use a raw gql query on the api. Returns a QueryResult object.

  • queryname – The name of the query, for example UserByUsername

  • query – The actual graphql query

  • vars – The variable params passed to the query

run(mainfunc: coroutine) None#

Run Coroutine mainfunc so that a replit client works withing.

Uses a combination of, autoreplit.ReplitClient.start() and autoreplit.ReplitClient.close()

async start() None#

Start the client, needs to be used first, before any other functions.


Never use with

updatePresence() None#

Update your bot’s presence, will set you to Online

exception autoreplit.client.RequestError#

Bases: Exception

Replit api request error.

autoreplit.client.requiresSid(f: Callable) Callable#

Decorator to make a function require a sid to run.